Summit Students

Summit is the middle and high school ministry of Eaglepointe Church in Denton, TX. It’s for students in grades 6-12 and we meet every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm at Eaglepointe Church.

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Summit Student Ministries meets every Wednesday night from 6:30-9pm.

Our goal is to be a place where students in grades 6th – 12th want to go and hang out with others their age. A place where they can enjoy doing life with their friends while experiencing the love of God through relationships. There is no catch and no gimmicks, we just love Jesus and we LOVE students!


Our VISION is to help students create healthy relationships with HE – ME – WE.

HE – Our first priority is to create opportunities for students to fall in love with God, and start a relationship that is strong enough to take them beyond these four walls.

ME – Secondly, we make it a priority to show students who they are in Christ and help them develop a healthy relationship with themselves.

WE – Through small groups and events, we want to give students the chance to make meaningful relationships with their peers and leaders.